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The ABC of High Yield Investment Programs

As you know, there’s nothing more distressing than permanent but little salary. Even when your earnings is more than the average, all “nest eggs” have main weakness — they invariably are being devalued in the long term. Hedging your savings capital from inflation can be ensured only by one of the two methods — to work harder and earn more while risking to morph into a work horse, or to put up the money in high-yield investment projects.
If you choose the second option, our HYIP-themed site is what you need!

How HYIPs Function

So what exactly is High Yield Investment Program? In plain language, High Yield Investment Program is a high interest investment site. The exuberant word combination is masking the “well-worn” Ponzi schemes, operating by the principle of “to rob Peter to pay Paul”— when earnings of earlier HYIP investors is formed from deposits of recent schemers.
Actually, such sort of schemes are quite allowable and a very widespread phenom — insurance companies, big banks, pension funds run on this basis. None the less, if to carve out a share of cash cake from a retirement fund or a bank is an especially hard and challenging task, even a green investor is able to receive big revenue from HYIPs.
HYIP Investment

Searching for Trusted HYIP Project. How to Use Monitoring Websites

Okay, so you chose to put funds in a HYIP Project. The first thing to do is to find out the HYIP project data and payment status on three or four monitors, special websites, which keep track of the real solvency of most of the trusted HYIPs.
Here you can receive not only info on the date of the recent payment, but you can find tech information on the HYIP program as well as read feedbacks of not fake online investors.

If you want to get to know additional info about how to use online monitors? — Go ahead, tap the Read More button icon below this text block!

How to Use HYIP-themed Forums & Blogging Websites

Having visited monitoring web-sites, it would be desirable to checked up HYIP forums & investment blogs.
On these online platforms you’ll have access to substantive, honest overviews of HYIPs, data about the last payouts, which are proved by screenshots, furthermore, you could even chat directly with the HYIP program administrator.
Important Life-hack: HYIP-related online communities & investment blogs are not only useful sources of info on High Yield Investment Projects, but as wella great guides in the field of online investment. That’s why if you discover a site of investment Pro or a cool HYIP-related forum, be sure to sign up.
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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as Today’s Investment Scam Schemes

Crammed with high tech, a wide range of data, the XXI century has resulted to very important transformation in financial area. World-old Investment scam schemes have took advantage from blockchain-based solution, being presented to a simple-hearted crowd in the fashionable and trendy look — Initial Coin Offering.
Everyone is aware, any Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a type of fund-raising for crypto-related projects, and, most importantly, this method of money raising does not have any legislative environment. It is not surprising that the major share of Initial Coin Offerings is Ponzi schemes, disguised as secure and credible fund raising projects.
Nonetheless, we are able and even need to earn good return from Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)! In order to receive further information on how to make income from ICOs with max gain and with lowest investment, tap on the forward action button just below!
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