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The ABC of HYIPs

Everyone is aware, nothing could be more distressing than constant but low salary. Even when your earnings is higher than average, any “nest eggs” have one shortcoming — they invariably are being devalued in the long run. Hedging savings against inflationary risks can only be ensured in two paths — to work more hours and make extra income while risking to evolve into a workhorse, or to make investing in HYIPs, high-yield investment projects.
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What are High Yield Investment Programs
and How They Operate

So what exactly is HYIP? It’s simple: HYIP is a high-interest investment web site. Pretentious name is masking the old as Adam fraudulent investing patterns, Ponzi schemes operating by the principle of “to rob Peter to pay Paul”: when income from the investment of earlier depositors is paid from the funds of recent schemers.
Actually, Ponzi schemes are totally legit and a reasonably pervasive phenom — insurance companies, central banks, retirement funds are working on this pattern. And yet, if to extract a piece of money cake from a retirement fund or a bank is a very complicated and difficult task, even a novice investor is able to get good profit from HYIP projects.
HYIP Investment

Selecting Profitable HYIP Project. How to Use Online Monitors

Well you chose to invest in an investment project. First things first, you should try to check the investment program data and payment status on online monitors, specialized websites, which are tracking the actual solvency of nearly all trusted projects.
Here you will receive not only data about the date and time of the most current payout, but you can find tech info about the investment project and also browse through feedbacks of current HYIP investors.

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HYIP-themed Forums and Blogging Sites

Having reviewed HYIP monitors, it’d be advisable to browse through HYIP forums and investing blogs.
On these web-sites you will have access to substantive, candid profiles of online investment programs, data on the recent withdrawals, which are confirmed by screen grabs, more importantly, you can even interact directly with the HYIP program admin.
Practical Tip: HYIP-themed forums and investment blogs are not only valuable sources of information about HYIP programs, but additionallyan excellent Guides for Dummies in the sphere of online investment. So, if you come across a web blog of a professional online investor or dynamic HYIP-related forum, be sure to register.
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HYIP Monitor

Initial Coin Offerings as 21st Century Pyramid Schemes

Filled with high-tech solutions, a vast amount of information, the 21st century has given rise to significant transforming in financial sphere. World-old Ponzi schemes have benefited from Blockchain technology, being presented to a credulous audience in the modern fashionable clothes — ICO.
Everyone is aware, any ICO is a form of attracting money for crypto startups, and, importantly, such form of fund-raising does not have any legal environment. It is hardly surprising that the lion’s share of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is investment scam schemes, masquerading as “noble” fundraising projects.
Nonetheless, you are able and even have to earn good profit from Initial Coin Offerings! If you want to learn how to make income from Initial Coin Offerings with maximal benefit as well as with min cost, click on the forward button icon below!
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