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Basic Facts About HYIPs

As you are all aware, nothing is more depressing than steady but little salary. Even if we assume that your salary is more than average, all life savings have key drawback — they slowly but steadily are being devalued with the passing of time. Hedging savings capita against inflation risks can only be ensured in 2 pathways — to work additional hours and make more while risking to morph into a work horse, or to put up the money in HYIPs, high-yield investment projects.
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What are HYIPs
and How They Work

What is High Yield Investment Project? In plain language, High Yield Investment Project is a high-interest investment program. The bright term is hiding the world-old fraudulent investing patterns, Ponzi schemes working according to the principle of “to unclothe Peter to clothe Paul”: when the profit of earlier scheme depositors is obtained from investments of new scheme members.
Actually, these schemes are quite allowable and pervasive phenom : insurers, large banks, pension funds run on similar basis. But if to carve out a slice of cash cake from a retirement fund or a bank is a very complicated and difficult task, even an amateur is able to get fat gainings from HYIP projects.
HYIP Investment

How You Can Find Profitable HYIP Projects? Monitors

Okay, you’re about to open deposit in a HYIP Project. First things first, you need to see the project status on three or four online monitors, specialized HYIP-themed web services which are monitoring the real payment capacity of nearly all reliable online investment projects.
On monitors you will find not only data about the date of the recent payment, but you can get domain & technical data about the investment project as well as browse through reviews of current online investors.

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Ways to Work with HYIP Forums and Investment Blogs

Having looked through HYIP monitors, it won’t be a bad idea to look through HYIP-related online communities & investment blogs.
On these web platforms you will find detailed, honest profiles of High Yield Investment Programs, info about the recent withdrawals, which are supported by screen shots, furthermore, you could even contact directly with the HYIP project admins.
Small Life Hack: HYIP-related online communities & investment blogs are not only important sources of info about HYIPs, but as wella good Guides for Dummies within investment. Therefore, if you catch a web-site of a skilled online investor or large or fast growing HYIP forum, be sure to sign up.
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HYIP Monitor

Pyramid Schemes Nowadays. Initial Coin Offerings

Filled with high-tech solutions, a wide range of data, the XXI century has spawned very important changes in financial area. World-old Pyramid schemes have successfully benefited from the Blockchain, being presented to a credulous crowd in the trendy look — Initial Coin Offering.
Everyone is aware, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a type of fund-raising for crypto startups, and, importantly, this type of attracting investments does not have any policy environment. It is no wonder that the lion’s share of ICOs is Pyramid schemes, under the guise of “noble” fund raising startups.
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